Saturday, 5 March 2011

Collateral Damage.

Brief: develop a 3-Dimensional 'drawing' expresses something about the theme that have explored during the previous weeks. (War World I poetry)

Group: Simon, Sholto, Josefin, Lisa.






Sunday, 20 February 2011

I emailed this the woman who owns an exhibition space on i think near old kent road (which is good location wise) it sounds pretty cool and isnt ridiculously priced either.

This is the email i got in return.

Hi Ben,
Here's the info: 
Nolias Gallery, near TATE MODERN: HIRE fees: £550 per week. 
For exact Location, log on to and click CONTACT. It is on Gt Suffolk St., SE1....very near your College.
We have held a couple of exhibitions for LCC Illustration department, in the past.
For a non obligitory viewing appointment, do not hesitate to contact on 07984716668.
Best regards
Nolia Devlin

Also as for the name I kind of liked the idea of 'maybe illustrated' as a title.


Thursday, 17 February 2011


So we were discussing having something interactive at the show today and I mentioned some work by a group called Everfresh.

I was thinking we could have a wall open with various different mediums to use where the public could come and paint on. At the end of the night we would pull of a covering layer so that our shows name was left.  Obviously we don't have the money to get a huge wall covered in vinyl but I think there's a few options we could look at.