Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ballet - Alex Mellon

So I'm not all that good at drawing with any amount of realism so originally I was going to try to improve that but due to my poor eyesight I couldn't really see any of the dancers very well so I thought I'd look at motion.

I started off by just drawing really simple stick figures of the dancers so I could capture their movements as quickly as possible.

After I'd got used to drawing the dancers I tried to do the same thing but drawing out a sequence, it wasn't particularly successful but I think I could redo it using a video so I could get the shape of the dancer more accurate for each frame.

Once I'd done the sequences I decided to try drawing characters of mine in different shapes, I picked one of the shapes the stick figures were in and tried to redraw it with a character as I quite often find the things I draw to be quite static.

So that's a selection from the ballet, apologies for the lack of quality as I'm back in Newcastle and we don't have scanners up North.


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