Sunday, 19 December 2010

Ballet - Lisa Grant

At first, to get around the fact that the figures were in constant movement, I tried just focusing on specific body parts or making really simplified captures of the forms. I was really interested in the shapes of the dancers' bodies, their muscular limbs had really interesting curves and shadows which I'd have liked to study closer.

I tried at one point to draw without looking at the paper in an attempt to get forms down as quickly as possible. I think the mess it made (below) still carries an interesting energy.

The picture below was my quick drawing of someone stretching, I took the advantage of drawing someone when they were still for a whole 10 seconds!

I got some drawings in of the architecture, too, just because it was nice to draw something stationary. The bird motif above the stage I thought was really beautiful. Drawing it felt a bit pointless, though, as the object was so stylised it was like drawing someone else's drawing.

I also took the liberty of doing some in funky colours because COLOURS ARE PRETTY.

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  1. hi lisa, i'm 3rd yr illustration...i think the drawings where you havent looked at the paper are great, they have really captured the energy. you should try this more and start out drawing this way to loosen up! nice work. Lucy